Territory Jerky was established in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia in 1983.

It is a story steeped in the tradition of the Australian Outback, where Jerky has existed since Drovers first moved cattle onto the remote grasslands of Central Australia. Working long hours in the saddle every day many miles from civilisation.

Jerky provided these skilled horsemen with a nutritious and flavoursome snack.

Not much has changed since then. We still use prime cuts of beef , dried and spiced according to the famous Territory Jerky recipe. Territory Jerky is the flavour of the Australian Outback.

The Process

We proudly continue the outback jerky tradition by utilising the latest in food technology to maintain the 'natural', chemical-free recipe and the essential wood-smoked process. Territory Jerky is an all natural meat snack containing no artificial flavourings, no msg, no preservatives and is 70% protein.

We start the jerky process by selecting the best cuts of meat and trimming them of all external fat and sinew. The meat is then sliced and marinated in our secret Territory recipe of all natural outback ingredients. The meat strips are then laid out on trays, wood smoked and dried, before being packed off.

These days we use road trains rather than camel packs to transport Territory's Jerky to stores throughout Australia and a growing number of international markets. From Uluru in the Red Centre to Bondi Beach and the bars of the Bund in the Far East, Territory Jerky is loved the world over.